DC Comics News Community Poll: “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow”

by Kevin Gunn
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No Love for the Rogues

The results are in for our 2nd Poll. To recap, we asked you “Which former character from Arrow and/or The Flash would you like to make an appearance on the upcoming series DC’s Legends of Tomorrow?” Before we announce the results, let’s see who our choices were:

HUNTRESS-(thumb)Code Name: Huntress (played by Jessica De Gouw)
Alter Ego: Helena Bertinelli
First Appearance: Arrow S1 E7: Muse of Fire





ArsenalCode Name: Arsenal (played by Colton Hanyes)
Alter Ego: Roy Harper
First Appearance: Arrow S2 E15: Dodger





ConstantineCode Name: Constantine (played by Matt Ryan)
Alter Ego: John Constantine
First Appearance (Arrowverse): Arrow S4 E5: Haunted





PiperCode Name: Pied Piper (played by Andy Mientus)
Alter Ego: Hartley Rathaway
First Appearance: The Flash S1 E11: The Sound and the Fury





TricksterCode Name: The Trickster (played by Mark Hamill)
Alter Ego: James Jesse
First Appearance: The Flash S21 E17: Tricksters





WeatherCode Name: Weather Wizard (played by Chad Rook and Liam McIntyre)
Alter Ego: Clyde and Mark Mardon
First Appearance(s): The Flash S1 E1 (Clyde): Pilot; The Flash S1 E15 (Mark): Out of Time





The Results –

It seems most of you think DC’s Legends of Tomorrow has its fair quota of super villains with Captain Cold (played by Wentworth Miller) and Heat Wave (played by Dominic Purcell). None of the Rogues received any votes. Here are the numbers:

It seems you would like to see the Huntress make an appearance in the near future on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. Thanks for taking part in the poll. We will be taking a break next week, but should be back with another chance for your your voice to be heard soon. Take care!



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