Lauren Cohan Confirmed As Martha Wayne In Batman V Superman


If you have missed the news about who Martha Wayne is going to be played by then know it is Lauren Cohan. Some of you may recognize her name because she is known most commonly from the television series The Walking Dead. Her name was recently added to IMDB’s cast list and she has retweeted the wonderful news of her role on her personal Twitter page. Then to answer your next possible question, who will play Thomas Wayne? It is actor Jeffery Dean Morgan, who also happens to be in The Walking Dead.

I don’t know if this is a spoiler, but just in case you do not know Bruce Wayne’s past with his parents. Spoilers! We also get to see a scene where Martha and Thomas take Bruce out to see The Mask of Zorro where we all get to relive the death of them.

Keep your calendar’s marked for March 25th when Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice comes to a theater near you.



Brandon Richardson

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