Gotham & Metropolis City Maps Revealed

by Brandon Richardson
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During the Super Bowl we all got to see that amazing Turkish Airline commercial showing off Gotham and Metropolis. If you didn’t get the chance to see it click here.

After the commercial aired Turkish Airlines decided to launch a website that also gave maps to both of the wonderful cities that you could travel to. So for all those who love building cities you now have the blue prints for both – so for all you Minecraft lovers go nuts and build your very own Gotham and or Metropolis!

Now there is a river that separates them by about 10 miles according to the maps displayed. It is determined by Stryker Island which is 5 miles off of Gotham and Metropolis City. This is not the only landmark that is displayed on the maps other notable land marks like Wayne Enterprises and the Daily Planet can also be seen. As the movie comes closer to its release date the site will no doubt update their maps and site to keep up with all the fans of the comics as well as the movie.

To top things off they are also offering Batman V Superman themed Miles Credit Cards and a chance to go to the premiere. So go check out the site and try your chance at getting into the premiere. If you don’t happen to get it, don’t fret cause the movie comes to theaters March 25th. Here is a link to the Turkish Airlines site.

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