Harley Quinn Gets Her Very Own Line Of Action Figures

Harley Quinn, one of DC’s most popular and successful characters of the past couple of decades, is officially receiving her own line of action figures.

DC Collectibles debuted an all-new Designer Series action figure line dedicated to fan-favorite DC Comics character, Harley Quinn.  Taken straight from the pages of DC Comics, the 6.75’’ action figures are inspired by the art style of critically acclaimed artist Amanda Conner, and will feature Conner’s most popular character designs of the Clown Princess of Crime and each will include custom accessories.

Amanda Conner had this to say about these new figures:

I’m really excited to be a part of this new line from DC Collectibles. It’s been a fun, wild ride over the past few years, and I’m so happy that Harley’s popularity continues to explode. Seeing my designs, and the many different personalities of Harley Quinn, brought to life as action figures is simultaneously thrilling and humbling (if that’s even possible). This toy line adds a whole new level of whacky, wonderful insanity to the Harley world, and the fans are going to love it!

The new line debuted at this weekend’s New York Toy Fair where attendees got a look at the first wave: “Retro Rocket Harley,” “Super Hero Harley,” “Classic Harley” and “Holiday Harley.”

The line is set to debut in October, alongside the first of the new Batman animated figures — and in the wake of the Suicide Squad movie.