Review: Legends of Tomorrow 1×04-White Knights

by Sean Blumenshine
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This review contains spoilers.

In this episode, the Legends track Vandal Savage to the Soviet Union in the 1980s.


Previously on Legends of Tomorrow and Arrow, Rip Hunter formed the team and traveled through time against the wishes of the Time Masters who sent Chronos, a bounty hunter, after them. Sara was killed but eventually resurrected by the Lazarus Pit which has given her an intense desire to kill called the bloodlust.

The episode begins with the team arriving in Washington D.C. in 1986. There is a file in the Pentagon on Vandal Savage that Rip Hunter plans to steal. In a pretty fun scene, the team works together to steal the file. However, Hawkgirl loses control and starts tearing people apart. Firestorm is able to stop her and then they leave. With the file, they learn that Savage is working with the Soviet Union. On the way, Chronos has tracked them and starts an attack. They manage to lose him but crash in the process.

Martin Stein figures out that Savage is building a weapon and that a Russian scientist, Valentina Vostok, is helping him. Sara points out to Rip that Hawkgirl is incredibly dangerous and he suggests that Sara train Hawkgirl.

At the ballet, Ray Palmer tries to engage Vostok but she blows him off while Sara starts to train Hawkgirl. Rip finds a signal from Chronos and he goes to investigate with Heatwave. When Ray strikes out for a second time, Captain Cold steps in and is able to charm Vostok.

Rip and Heatwave come across a member of the Time Masters who has arrived to offer Rip a deal. If Rip gives up, he will be acquitted and the team will be returned to their time to live their lives. Heatwave points out that this is an obvious trick while Kendra and Sara fight some more. Both women lose control with Sara nearly killing Hawkgirl.

Captain Cold walks Vostok home before stealing her security badge and wallet. Rip discusses the offer with Jax and Stein. Rip meets with the Time Master who tries to kill him with Chronos as Heatwave predicted. However, Rip brought Firestorm and Heatwave to stop Chronos just in case. Jax is severely hurt in the battle while the Time Master and Chronos escape.

I really like Vostok. The episode is trying to have the vibe of an espionage thriller similar to The Man From U.N.C.L.E. and she is one of the elements that really makes that work. Femme fatales are always cool and Stephanie Corneliussen is a lot of fun in the part.


Back on the Waverider, Stein acts like a dick and tells Jax off for getting hurt. Stein is the worst character on the show. He lectures Jax about responsibility and making sacrifices which would be fine if Jax had volunteered. But he didn’t; Stein forced him to be on the mission. Stein tells Palmer that he is desperate to protect Jax after what happened to Ronnie Raymond which would be an interesting character beat for Stein. However, Stein has never shown an ounce of remorse for Ronnie and he clearly does not give a shit about Jax because he forced him on the mission and put him in harm’s way. He is a selfish idiot desperate for glory.

Rip talks to Hawkgirl about Sara which leads to Hawkgirl deciding to continue training with Sara. This scene features more of Sara angst which I don’t care about because I have seen this character arc played out already on Arrow and I don’t care.


Stein, Ray and Captain Cold sneak into Vostok’s lab to find the weapon. Stein discovers that Savage is attempting to create another Firestorm. He finds the thermocore while Ray powers it down. However, Vostok arrives and holds Captain Cold at gunpoint. Because Ray is an idiot, he turns the power back on at Vostok’s request. Stein is still able to harness the power of the thermocore but it weakens him while Heatwave arrives to save them. Captain Cold is able to retrieve the thermocore but Stein, Ray and Heatwave are taken hostage because Rip refuses to send in back-up. Captain Cold, Sara and Hawkgirl are naturally pissed that Rip didn’t send in reinforcements. The episode ends with Stein receiving an ultimatum; he can either work with Vostok or Ray and Heatwave will die.



The consistent problem of bad things happening because the characters are morons continues to be a major problem of the show in this episode. It is really hard to care about anything that happens on this show when the characters so so unsympathetic. Nothing they do makes any sense. There are good concepts such as the Soviets creating their own Firestorm and the action is fun but the characters are insufferable especially Ray Palmer and Martin Stein.




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