The Flash Season 2, Ep. 14 “Escape from Earth 2”

by Steven Brown
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Barry is captured, Zoom is holding Earth 2’s Central City hostage looking for Wells and Cisco, and the only person to trust is Killer Frost?! Things get really bad for Team Flash after his capture by Zoom. Being held in an unknown location, Wells and Cisco come up with an insane plan to find Barry. To get inside they enlist the help of Killer Frost aka Earth 2’s Caitlin Snow. Getting further aid from Earth 2’s Iris and an extremely unsure Barry Allen, will Killer Frost betray them all? Or will Zoom finally have the Flash?


The Positives

I loved Killer Frost in this episode! Earth 2’s Caitlin Snow really shows off in this episode with her powers and its a real trip. It seems every time that I say last week’s episode was the best I’ve seen, the writers hit me with something else that blows my mind! Here we see exactly what Earth 2 is capable of in the likes of Iris and Barry Allen. Being married on Earth 2, you really see the love they have in this episode. Iris is extremely brave and heroic, and very protective over Barry and his safety. Barry on the other hand comes off as geeky, and unsure of himself. He joins the team to search for Earth 1’s Barry only out of protection of Iris. Later on though he shows the merits of being a hero, and it even surprises himself. The writers do a great job of showcasing Zoom’s powers here as well. Right from the start we Earth 2’s Central City being held hostage. Zoom is literally racing around the city destroying property and causing untold damage looking for Dr. Wells. I really enjoyed how savage we saw him in this episode. We also finally meet Jessie Quick, who was trapped with Earth 1’s Barry Allen. I enjoyed seeing her and Barry trade ideas with each other while captured and the two share a brief emotional moment when she finds out from Barry how important she is to her father, Dr. Wells.


The Negatives

My only negative is the ending of Jay Garrick. Now I feel bad that I’m spoiling this for you however once you see it coming it just appears too obvious. Not to give away what exactly takes place but from the moment that Jay takes his first step while the team returns to the breach, I knew his end was coming. Now notice I said end–and not death. I believe we will see Jay Garrick return pretty soon, and I enjoyed seeing him use his speed more in this episode. In nearly every review I’ve mentioned all I’ve talked about was returning Jay’s speed and as soon as I get what I want the writers take it away! I’m not really mad though, cause I know that there’s a bigger scheme around it all and the more that happens the more I like.


The Verdict

Now if I say that this episode is the best I’ve seen that only means until next week! Cause I’m sure the writers at the Flash will top this week’s episode too. It feels good to finally have a show where you can say you can’t be disappointed on an episode. Everything works like a well tuned machine from the writing, to the acting, and even the effects–it all works flawlessly in concert. This is easily the best episode I’ve seen–again!


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