‘The Flash’, ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Character Concept Art Released

by Joshua Raynor
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A new batch of concept art from the extremely-talented conceptual artist, Andy Poon, has been released.

Poon has released more concept art of costumes — designed by Maya Mani — that he worked on for characters of The CW’s The Flash and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

His latest batch of artwork includes designs for the earthquake-inducing villain Geomancer, Earth-2 speedster Jay Garrick, Earth-2 baddie Dr. Light (aka Linda Park’s Earth-2 counterpart) and the resurrected Sara Lance as White Canary.

Poon says Jay Garrick and Dr. Light’s designs were a bit of challenge. “Both of these were tricky in the sense that they were simple costumes in the comics, and Earth 2 characters seem to embrace the source a bit closer,he wrote. “So to just have the right amount of details while not over complicating the design and ruining the nice iconic images of the comic characters were a delicate balance.

Check out the concept art below:





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