Batman v Superman Trailers better than Civil War says Mark Millar

by Damian Fasciani
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The war of the comic book films will continue throughout 2016, and most recently Marvel was at it again with their release of a set of new Captain America: Civil War trailers. The internet has been a buzz with people talking about Spiderman, the trailer structure, story and more. I’ll admit, the recent trailers released are pretty good and again they will draw people to the theatre. Make no mistake about that.

In saying all that, writer Mark Millar has made some public statements saying that in his opinion the Batman v Superman trailers are better when comparing the two.

Speaking on his official twitter account, the Marvel writer went on to say the following:

BvS better than Civil war dc comics news


“Gotta say BVS has Civil War beat in trailers. I’ve waited my entire life to see Batman jump through a window & take down baddies like that.”

With that, other people over twitter also commented.

BvS vs Civil War dc comics news

Will you go see both films? Let us know if you agree with Mr Millar.

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