What’s In A Name? A Mark Hamill Fan Knows!

by Kevin Gunn
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Someone created a clever meme using BTAS actor’s name

Aside from a legion of fans who first knew him as Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars series of films, actor Mark Hamill has gained quite as impressive a following with his voiceover work; particularly his work on Batman: The Animated Series as the nefarious Joker. Hamill continued playing the Clown Prince of Crime in other media, including video games like the Batman: Arkham string of hits.

It took one dedicated fan whose Twitter handle is “amel(e)ia” to point to a meme with a name hidden within Hamill’s name.

It is not sure if “amel(e)ia” created the meme herself or not, but it was the first time Hamill noticed a famous fictional insane asylum was part of his name.

Hamill will again step back into his clown shoes. He will join fellow actor and Batman: The Animated Series alum Kevin Conroy in DC’s animated version of The Killing Joke later this year.


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