DC Reimagines Hanna-Barbera in a series of Variant Covers

by JC Alvarez
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Saturday Morning never looked so good as DC Entertainment prepares a rebrand and relaunch of the classic Hanna-Barbera characters and heroes in two new series with variant covers by today’s biggest talents in DC Comics.

The DC Entertainment brand continues to expand its reach and celebrates the launch of the upcoming brand spanking new Hanna-Barbera debut titles with their own set of variant covers for collectors to chase after this May. It’s a nostalgic and invigorating take on the Saturday Morning adventures and characters many of us grew up indulging in. The two upcoming new series including Future Quest and the Scooby Apocalypse will sport some awesome covers by some of today’s hottest DC super hero artists.

The world-trotting exploits of the intrepid teenage adventurer Johnny Quest take on an entirely new dimension in Future Quest which will have Johnny and his best friend Hadji (and Bandit the dog no doubt) crossing into alternate dimensions and teaming up with all the favorite Hanna-Barbera action heroes including the dramatic return of Space Ghost! Future Quest will be released on May 18 and will feature cover art by legendary artists giving us their impressions of classic characters like Brak and Zorak as rendered by Bill Sienkiewicz.


Space Ghost never looked better in this new updated rendition of the character by comics great Bill Sienkiewicz for the new “Future Quest” Hanna-Barbera title coming in May.

The creative team of Keith Giffen and JM DeMatteis reunite for the latest escapades of a refueled Mystery Machine as Scooby-Doo and Shaggy take on the Scooby Apocalypse. That means more monsters, ghastly ghost and alien invaders. The first issue will be released on May 2 and will sport a cover by none other than DC Comics veteran Jim Lee, with variant covers by the iconic Neal Adams. Expect more announcements to hit the newsfeed as more variant covers are released and other titles in the Hanna-Barbera line are explored.

Check out these covers below for the Scooby Apocalypse featuring Jim Lee and Neal Adams.


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