Countdown To Batman V Superman: Animated Films

by Brandon Richardson
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In honor of the upcoming release of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, DC Comics News is proud to present Countdown To Batman V Superman; a look at the history of these 2 iconic legends right before they meet for the first time on the big screen. Staff Writer Brandon Richardson looks at our heroes when they were already on film…in direct to video animation.

We are all excited as the day draws ever closer to the release of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice! That’s right we are only 4 DAYS AWAY! As to commemorate this awesome event here are the dynamic pair and the history of how they have not always been the best of friends. While they both have amazing independent films this is my recap of the films that both Batman and Superman have been together in. As a friendly heads up I have put general plot points that describe how the two were teamed up or worked together/against each other which may be seen as minor spoilers so just a heads up.

To kick things off we got to see these two as not exactly on friendly terms in the movie Justice League: A New Frontier.

jla_newfrontierThis film was based on Darwyn Cooke’s comic book series DC: The New Frontier that came out in 2003-2004. The movie itself came out February 26th, 2008. In the film, the world faces a new terror as “The Centre” has come to try to destroy the human race. Batman and Superman have to work together with the rest of our favorite DC heroes in order to defeat this menace. It takes place between 1953 and 1961 when the space race has become a serious challenge between the U.S. and Russia to see who will get their rocket into space and onto the moon first, Or that is what everyone thinks. Once they unite they devise a plan of attack with the military to fight “The Centre” and the hoard of dinosaur-like creatures that originate from it. Now without giving everything away, know that the wonderful voice actors that made this film possible for the superheroes are David Boreanaz as Hal Jordan/Green Lantern, Kyle MacLachlan as Superman, Neil Patrick Harris as Barry Allen/The Flash, Jeremy Sisto as Batman, Miguel Ferrer as Martian Manhunter, Alan Richson as Aquaman. Then the wonderful Brooke Shields as Carol Ferris, Phil Morris as King Faraday, Kyra Sedgwick as Lois Lane, Vicki Lewis as Iris West, John Heard as Kyle Morgan, and Keith David as The Centre.

Shortly there after we got to see Batman and Superman together in Superman/Batman: Public Enemies in September 29,2009. Superman_Batman_Public_EnemiesIn it Superman has his hands full as Lex Luthor becomes President and a Kryptonite meteor is hurling towards Earth. Lex decides to destroy it instead of asking for aide from the superheroes he blows it up with nuclear missiles. Then has Superman come to Gotham under pretenses of a pact. A battle ensues with Metallo against Batman and Superman. To which they end up being framed for the death of Meallo later on in the movie. All and all this is a pretty epic movie for the two to really show off and be almost be shown up to.

Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths

Justice.League.Crisis.on.Two.Earthsis a take on Grant Morrison’s comic that came out in 2000 called JLA: Earth 2. It came out in 2010. In this film we get to see two versions of Batman and Superman. But in the alternate universe we get to see them with a name change that suits the second universe. Owl, Batman’s evil self; hatches a plan to upset the balance of good and evil. It takes Superman and Batman working together with some of their alternate friends to really take out Owl.

Then later in 2010 we got to see Superman/Batman Apocalypse.

This is probably one of my favorites out of these that both Batman and Superman are both in together. It has all the great fights between Superman and Darkseid. It is a continuation from the animated series Superman/Batman. It is based around the side arc “The Supergirl from Krypton” that features art from the extremely talented Michael Turner as well as work done by Jeph Loeb. I won’t go into this one as much but if you want to see Superman, Batman, and Supergirl go toe to toe with Darkseid then this is definitely up your alley.

Justice League: Doom (2012) shows Batman’s resourcefulness Justice_League_Doomand readiness in case of anyone from the Justice League going rogue and trying something. Unfortunately his readiness was turned against him and used to tear the Justice League apart. It really does show how much better Batman is than Superman at contingency plans and being ready for anything. If you have time definitely check this film out before going out to see Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.



Justice League: War (2014) is one of the first animated movies that Justice_League-Warwere set to take on the new DC Universe reboot. In this film it shows an invasion of Earth by Darkseid. This was a sequel to Justice League: Throne of Atlantis. It also had the famous Mother Box and would be a key to the fight between the Justice League and Darkseid. However Batman and Green Lantern end up fighting Superman in Metropolis. Where it is only stopped when Batman calls Superman by his real name. If you are a fan of Superman and what he can do then this is probably a film you should watch as it shows Superman really kicking Batman’s backside. Even with that it is still an animated film that every DC fan should own.

Justice League: Throne of Atlantis (2015) is one that rekindled my throneofatlantisappreciation for Aquaman. Having very little knowledge of Aquaman outside of some comics read and the internet’s love to rag on him. This movie actually got into some of his roots that made me do some actual research on him. However, that aside in this film Batman and Superman work together to help rid Atlantis of Prince Orm and Black Manta. Without giving too much away from this I will say that it seems that Batman and Superman help uncover the evil plot and help save both the surface world but also Atlantis as well. It definitely seems that the more time goes on the more of a bad mo-fo Aquaman really is.


Justice League: Gods and Monsters (2015) takes us up to date with all of the animated films that have been released at this time. This is another amazing work by Bruce Timm and that is currently one of the more fun takes on an alternate version of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. The fact that DC allowed Timm’s to just have free rein on this movie really shows and helps draw up the imagination in this film’s story. This one is in my collection, but then again I have a lot of Bruce Timm’s works because he is such a great story-teller and he has a keen eye for artwork as well animation sequences.

So come with us and see where this next era of Batman and Superman will take us with this next amazing film by Zack Snyder directing Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice that comes out in 4 days, March 25,2016.


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