Villains are Featured in First ‘Justice League vs. Teen Titans’ Clip

by Julian Bartlett
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Over the last few years DC/WB have put together a library of quite pleasing animated feature films. Each movie seems to get better than the last offering. Most recently Batman: Bad Blood told the story of mistrust and new beginnings within the Bat-family. Since the New 52 rebranding the films took a more adult turn. Many older fans of the classic characters enjoyed this distancing from the usual kiddy feeling. The story lines are darker, the characters are sexier, and the over all feel is something I think all DC fans can get behind.

Now coming soon this Spring DC/WB will be releasing another gem to add to your collection. Justice League vs. Teen Titans will see the two teams facing off against one another. Why would two of the best crime-fighting teams duke it out? It looks like Trigon will be using the Justice League as puppets in a much bigger game. The clip shows the menacing demon possessing Weather Wizard and taking his powers to a whole new level. Mark Mardon gets so juiced up that he takes out not only Superman, but Wonder Woman as well.


The official movie description makes is sound as though it is going to be action packed. Hero vs. Hero in an all out brawl.

“The demonic forces of Trigon infiltrate the minds and bodies of the Justice League, turning the veteran super heroes against their youthful counterparts.”

After this film releases in the next few weeks I am left thinking when will it be here? And by “it” I mean of course the upcoming animated version of The Killing Joke. It is probably the most highly anticipated animated release since Under the Red Hood. It is a story that fans have wanted to see brought to the screen for a long time.


Having said that, what are your top 5 DC animated films? Let us know in the comment section.

Also, as I’m sure you already are, let’s get excited for the premiere of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice in just two days!

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