New DC Icon Heroes Paper Weights

by Brandon Richardson
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Ever get stuck with a pile of work and no way to securely hold it down? Well have no more fears because Icon Heroes have released details on some upcoming DC Comics paperweight statues such as Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman. All three of them stand 8″tall and go for $50 USD each and come out this September.

The Batman statue will keep your desk in order with its high quality resin and exquisitely painted stature. With Batman there your desk will never eat any of those important documents or memos. Then if you think you might need some backup you can get the Man of Steel to keep some pressure on those deadlines all in his classic and iconic attire with the same level of sculpting and painting ability. Of course what would make your desk even more safe than to have the Amazonian herself help fight off the chaos that comes with clutter. Or of course you can just buy them to have as amazing collector pieces in their high quality resin and paintings.



Correction: Originally this article contained erroneous information. We listed the name of the company as “Iconic Hero.” The actual name is “Icon Heroes.”

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