First Look At Darkseid & Wayne Manor In DCUO Plus Legion Of Collectors Flash Pop Figure

by Brandon Richardson
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DC Entertainment has given us all the latest news on the Batman Superman issue that finishes out the Superman Final Days super-arc. Which puts the trio against China’s own mightiest heroes in issue #32 that hits selves tomorrow May 4th. They continue the awesome barrage of information with the Sheriff of Babylon in it having a war with no end in sight. If you haven’t picked up any issues then I suggest it especially with its gripping tragedies and military dialog to help really draw you into the story. Writer of this very serious western comic is Tom King that said that,

This is not your normal comic, and trust me I write some of those normal comic books. We are trying to push on those boundaries and bringing people with us on that ride…

Mitch Gerads continues on talking about how he can tell that he has done a great job when even he has a dry and sore throat due to how he draws you into the atmosphere and what is happening. Which issue #6 hits tomorrow as well for Sheriff of Babylon! Plus this Saturday May 7th is free comic book day. For more information head over to DC Comics.

Plus in this video is a sneak peek at what to expect in the May Legion of Collectors box, click ahead to 2:00 to see what all is in store. More importantly is the limited edition Jay Garrick Pop Vinyl and Supergirl Rock Candy figure has ever been available. If you missed this months box don’t worry you can still make it for the next box which is Suicide Squad themed!


Wait there is more! We also get to see the DC Universe Online that is now available for Xbox One. There is an exclusive interview on the video with SJ Mueller, the Creative Director of DCUO. She explains how to get things started for those who are on Xbox One and don’t worry because it is still free!

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