Affleck Elevated to Executive Producer for ‘Justice League’


Yes, he’s still going to star in it. And yes, he’s still directing and starring in his solo Batman movie. According to, Ben Affleck will also be working behind the scenes with director Zack Snyder and writer Chris Terrio as executive producer on Justice League.

Despite making $864 million worldwide, Batman v Superman was panned critically and divided the fans. It appears that it is the hope of Warner Bros. that Affleck will be able to give support to Snyder and help move the DCEU forward with a style and feeling that superhero movie fans will appreciate.

Affleck’s performance in Batman v Superman was one of the most standout and acclaimed of most of the cast. Of all the movie’s flaws, Ben Affleck as the Dark Knight Detective was not one of them. This has boosted the confidence of Warners to let Affleck co-write (with Geoff Johns), direct and star in the solo Batman flick. Apparently they were impressed enough to also let him have his say on Justice League, too.

Many people have said that the future of the DCEU rides on the success of Suicide Squad, coming to theaters this August. While off to a rocky start, the DCEU has only released two films thus far. It’s too early on to decide how successful any of these movies will be. But with the mindset being what it currently is, Suicide Squad is under a lot of pressure. With Ben Affleck’s help, maybe Warner Bros. can finally find their groove with the DC films and win back their jilted fans.

Justice League is slated for a November 17, 2017 release in theaters everywhere.

Roy Ranous

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