Review: Superman: The Coming of the Supermen #4

by Matthew Lloyd
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Superman: The Coming of the Supermen. Writer/Artist- Neal Adams, Ink Assists- Buzz and Josh Adams, Colorist- Tony Avina.

So, apparently time travel is real. Or at least Neal is real. Reading this comic was like taking a trip back to 1971/2. Neal Adams on Superman right in the middle of a New Gods saga. How did Kirby let this happen? No matter what, it’s our gain.

Coming of the Supermen 4 Kalibak

We jump right in as Superman and Orion are taking on Kalibak. Superman’s charge- Rafi has been abducted and Superman is intent on getting him back. After dispatching Kalibak, Superman speeds off planet to find and destroy Darkseid’s ship on the other side of the sun.

Coming of the Supermen 4 iconic flying

Meanwhile, on Apokolips, Rafi is being indoctrinated by Granny Goodness. At the same time, Luthor, while colluding with Darkseid is having second thoughts and ensuring that Darkseid leaves Earth alone, trying to focus his attention on Superman. It doesn’t take long for for Superman and Orion to pull together and Lois Lane has tracked down Rafi’s trail.

Coming of the Supermen 4 Luthor ad Darkseid

The Positive

Neal Adams really captures the feel of the early ‘70’s Superman. That may be elusive notion to some, but I think it can best be boiled down to this: Superman is right. He is the epitome of goodness and righteousness. Any uneasiness is unfounded. Trust in Superman. Adams’ storytelling is still at peak. It’s clear that despite a dearth in output over the past 25 years, it was not due to his ability or creativity. Adams’ ability to make this feel like a throwback Superman story is also laudable. There’s no ambivalence, Superman knows exactly what to do.

Coming of the Supermen 4 granny

The Negative

This is quite a change for the current Superman reader. There’s clearly a different vibe present here than in the current Superman titles or even the Superman: Lois and Clark book. A negative for some, a huge nostalgic positive for others.

coming of the supermen 4 Lois

The Verdict

This is a great opportunity to see a giant in the field work on the most well-known super-hero of all. Neal Adams still executes at a high level and it’s just plain exciting to see it in a current book. It also allows readers to experience a version of Superman that is quite different feeling from current continuity. Do yourself a favor and experience two legends for the price of one.


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