The Flash: Season 2, Episode 20 “Rupture”

by Steven Brown
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Zoom is on Earth 1 and intent on destroying Central City! A powerless Barry Allen must find a way to regain his speed in order to stop Zoom once and for all. Wells has a way to do so, but the consequences could be deadly. What choice will Barry make? How far will he go to regain his powers to stop Zoom?


The Positives

“Rupture” gave us a great story from the beginning of the episode. The writers of The Flash pride themselves on taking us on emotional rollercoasters and they really tugged at my heart on this episode. Not only does Zoom show up and completely dismantle the Central City police department, but he brings Rupture–Reverb’s brother from Earth-2 into the fray. Cisco is traumatized seeing his Earth-2 counterpart’s brother, and reaches out to his own brother to check in with him. I loved how they incorporated Cisco’s brother into this episode! Rupture was complete destructive badass and he made his presence known. Now Barry must choose to take the risk of getting his powers back or watching helplessly as Zoom destroys everything. Dr. Wells builds a machine that in theory can return Barry’s powers back to him, however the risk to Barry himself could be deadly. It was good to see Barry’s father, Henry return to the show to offer some advice and support–although I didn’t agree with his stance, but we’ll get into that later. However I hope that his return isn’t just a one shot and that he actually sticks around for awhile.


The Negatives

My only complaint about this episode is some of the stances people took about Barry’s attempt to return as The Flash. Now granted I know everyone’s opinion would be different, however realistically as Dr. Wells stated–it’s the obvious and only choice in order to stop Zoom. Example, Henry is seen as against Barry attempting to get his speed back at the expense of losing Barry himself. However that’s not like every other previous episode is it not? Powers or not Barry is always going to fight to make a difference, so Henry should be used to it by now. I think Henry thinks this purely for fatherly reasons which is completely understandable. I just wished that maybe Henry would’ve came around eventually towards the end of the episode.


The Verdict

“Rupture” will hands down mess with your emotions. The ending of the episode alone made me stand out my seat!!! I didn’t see it coming at all! Not to spoil what happens but the writers of The Flash opened up a new door with new possibilities with it’s ending. I can’t wait for next week’s episode!


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