All-Star & Batman Writers Reveal Rebirth Plans Plus Previews

by Brandon Richardson
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With all the Rebirth series being released starting June 1st we are all super excited to see how writers Tom King and Scott Snyder kick things off with Batman Rebirth #1.

Artist Mikel Janin will not only be showing off this new take on Batman but will also be adding new aspects to the caped crusader. To include a new role for Duke Thomas and a re-envisioning of Dick Grayson.  Tom King will be working on the re-launch of the Batman title all two weeks after the Batman Rebirth issue. Tom says the David Finch will be drawing Batman’s first arc, with Mikel Janìn drawing the second arc. No matter how it is going down we all anxiously await the arrival of the Rebirth issues!

Snyder will be working on the All-Star Batman starting August. Both King and Snyder are saying that the series is in continuity with the series as they work in tandem with planning on how the Batman and All-Star Batman series will work together and as independent issues as well. As the two are working together they are reworking the Batman villain Calendar Man. Newsarama has an interview with Snyder and King and to read through all of their discussions on what is to come. Or if you just want to see the previews of the series and their covers here they are for your enjoyment.

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