What’s To Come from DC Comics’ August 2016 Solicitations, Bat-Family, Constantine and More

by Antonio Jose Chavez

DC Comics recently released the official solicitations for August 2016, you can catch up with the list here.

As you may already know, the Rebirth of DC Comics is coming. No, it is not a reboot – the event is more of a relaunch that will give opportunity for new and veteran readers to jump right into the adventure without having to catch up with months or years of continuity to understand the stories. Think about it like what Geoff Johns did with Flash: Rebirth and Green Lantern: Rebirth. The DCU will be revitalized.

With August 2016 solicitations, many questions are answered but as well a plethora of more questions come up. Many elements from the pre-New 52 universe are returning. What to expect from DC Comics on August?

Batman and Bat-family

Red Hood and his new companions

Various heroes and villains from the Bat-family will get re-imagined. Written by Scott Snyder, All-Star Batman will deal with Batman and Two-Face as they face during a road trip? Barbara Gordon (Batgirl) gets into MMA…I’ll definitely pay to see that. Batgirl definitely changes her status quo as just a sidekick to Batman, to become a hero in her own right. Barbara is set to leave a mark in the DCU. (ref. Batgirl #2, 2016)

Batgirl, Black Canary, and Huntress team-up as the classic Birds of Prey to hunt down the person who has stole the mantle of Oracle. (ref. Batgirl and the Birds of Prey  #1)

Harley Quinn does not present much changes for ‘Rebirth’, as she continues on a very conflicted path between being a villain and a hero.

Still flying solo, but not really. Red Hood has gathered a team of special individuals, forming his very own trinity, which includes Bizarro. (ref. Red Hood and the Outlaws #1)

Blue Beetle

Jaime Reyes, the most recent Blue Beetle returns from a long absence since his original series was canceled early during the launch of the New 52. (ref. Blue Beetle: Rebirth #1)


The DCU’s best assassin (why does that tagline sound familiar?) sets to reinvent himself on a path to redemption. But can Slade Wilson truly be redeemed? The future we saw for him on New 52: Futures End does not look like it. Though it is fair to remember that future is no longer valid for our anti-hero as things have changed for him after Convergence. (ref. Deathstroke: Rebirth #1)

Constantine and Swamp Thing

HLB_Cv1Though Swamp Thing has yet to receive a series for Rebirth, he will appear alongside Constantine on The Hellblazer. These two characters have always shared some history and will at times team-up to battle threats beyond the dark. With the name Hellblazer on the title, written by Simon Oliver, the series may very well return to the dark and horrific  roots of the original series by Vertigo.

Superman and Super-family

Lois Lane really did get a rebirth for 2016, as she stars on Superwoman. That’s right, a new maiden of steel is in town. Still unexplained, Lois Lane gets Superman-like powers and rises up as a heroine, however in doing so she is killing herself.

One of the biggest news for Rebirth was the fact that Action Comics is reverting back to the original numbering to ACTION COMICS #961The series returns with a blast, featuring the pre-New 52 Superman against Doomsday. The man of steel can’t die twice right?


AQM_04_CVR_CMYKThe king of the seas returns with another world-shaking story. Since the ‘New 52’, Aquaman’s arcs have been for the most part a success, allowing the hero to become one of the fan-favorites of this day and age. Aquaman gets wrongly accused for a massive attack on the surface, willing to sit behind bars if it means that will bring  peace between the two worlds. (ref. Aquaman #4, 2016)

What do you think of ‘Rebirth’? What do you expect from the relaunch?

Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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