DC Rebirth Designs For Artemis, Bizarro, Bumblebee and Red Robin

by Brandon Richardson
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It’s almost June and that means we are about to all get our hands on the new series of comics called Rebirth. This week we get to see DC Universe: Rebirth, Batman: Rebirth issue #1, Green Arrow: Rebirth issue #1, Green Lanterns: Rebirth issue #1, and Superman: Rebirth issue #1. Although these are not all of the new versions the images do showcase Artemis & Bizarro by Guiseppe CAmuncoli, Batman Beyond by Bernard Chang, Bumblebee by Brett Booth, the new Super-man by Viktor Bogdanovic, and Red Robin by Eddy Barrows.

All of these designs were handed to CBR first but we wanted to share the love and show off these really cool designs. The character designs that have been revealed to us also include some of the New 52 versions. One of the most distinguishable things is that Tim Drake’s outfit has the double “R” symbol on his chest; which to be honest I thought were two red robins flying together. There are some other modifications that really give each character their own unique look as compared to their previous versions. Click here for the Teen Titan’s Rebirth look.

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