Death Of Jason Todd In Batman: The Dark Knight Returns – Last Crusade Discussed By Frank Miller & John Romita Jr.

by Brandon Richardson
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With Frank Miller and John Romita Jr.’s newest comic and prequel to the Dark Knight comics we finally get Batman: The Dark Knight Returns – Last Crusade #1. It is set to hit shelves next Wednesday. Of course we couldn’t go forward without talking about how in the Dark Knight there is a moment where Jason Todd’s death came at the hands of The Joker. According to IGN’s interview with Miller and Romita it will tell the tale of the relationship between Batman and Robin in addition to the reasons behind why Batman retired.

There are also some first looks at some of the interior pages done by Romita himself. Be warned there is one that is a little bit rough or rather graphic. Follow the link to the interview and know that both Miller and Romita talk about the story in general so their aren’t any serious spoilers but be warned that some of it might be considered a spoiler. Enjoy.


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