‘Batman V Superman’ Extended Scene May Show What is Coming in ‘Suicide Squad’

by Julian Bartlett
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Soon the Batman V Superman Blu-Ray will be releasing and it has a lot of extras to look forward too. More than any, I think, is the “ultimate cut” that I’m sure everybody would’ve not minding sitting in the theatres for. Due to some new information it appears as though the final scene between Lex and Batman had a little bit more to it. The extra bit of dialogue backs a few fan theories about what people are assuming is coming up in Suicide Squad. If you don’t want to hear any spoilers concerning the Batman V Superman Ultimate Cut I advise you stop reading now.

During the jail cell scene, Lex informs Batman of a new threat coming to Earth that is sure to burn it to the ground. Everyone has seen that more than three times at least. What isn’t shown in the theatrical version of the film is sure to get crowds buzzing. In the extended cut Lex reveals that he indeed knows the true identity of the Dark Knight. This was easily speculated in Dawn of Justice when it comes to light that Lex was pulling the strings of Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne to get them fighting. Here is a bit of dialogue between the two after Lex’s secret is exposed.

“But who would believe me?” Luthor muses. “I’m insane. Not even fit to stand trial.”

“We have hospitals that treat the mentally ill with compassion,” Batman assures the villain, then turns it around, saying, “But that’s not where you’re going. I’ve arranged to have you transferred to Arkham Asylum in Gotham. I still have some friends there. And they’re expecting you.”

This clearly sets up one of two things, but hopefully both. If Luthor is going to be sent to Arkham this is a pretty clear indicator that he would have some kind of cameo in the next film in the DC lineup, Suicide Squad. This has been a long time theory online and in the general comic book community. It’s not clear what kind of role he would play and it could be just a simple on-screen appearance. What I would like to see happen is a little bit more villain oriented. Now if Lex Luthor is going to end up in Arkham Asylum he wouldn’t just been in the same facility as the members of the Suicide Squad. He would also be surrounded by many inmates that have been put away by Batman. That being said, could Lex not make a few connections in his new home and let the idea of the Legion of Doom take birth? Maybe even a set up for the Secret Society of Supervillains, I can’t call it. In any case, the DC Cinematic Universe is not done with Lex Luthor.


So what do you guys think? Any theories on the villains for Suicide Squad or any thoughts on the future of the DC movie slate please post down below in the comment section because I’d love to hear what you think!

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