First look at the new Batmobile for Justice League!

by Konrad Secord-Reitz
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[Photo Credit: Clay Enos/ WB]

DC Films and Warner Brothers have just released the first look at 2017’s Batmobile as it will be featured in Justice League. For the most part the vehicle remains the same but with an added arsenal. Standing beside the legendary car is Patrick Tatupoulos, the production designer for Justice League.  Batman has added new machine guns to the front and sides of the vehicle, as well as cannons and missile launchers. These changes have come about because after taking on Superman and Doomsday in Batman V Superman he has learned that he needs more firepower.

 Dc Comics News Batmobile Justice League

Though he has added more weapons to the infamous beast of a car all of the rounds fired will be non-lethal. This feels like a call back once again to Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns. Unlike Miller’s tank which so easily decimated a junk yard and the mutant gang of a Gotham in the future, the new Batmobile doesn’t have any added armor.


Comparing images of the two cars reveals some visual differences, the most obvious being the front machine guns. For Justice League they have been changed from two single barrel machine guns to twin, triple rocket launchers. This adjustment will likely allow Batman to cut through walls or other vehicles to maneuver faster, not to mention bring down more heavily armored enemies. According to Warner Brothers, the Batmobile’s improvements aren’t the only thing Batman has been working on. He also has a new vehicle to go off-roading in!

 Dc Comics News Batmobile Arkham Justice Leauge

The Night Crawler is an all new vehicle to the Batman universe. It is much like a tank but with four separate tires which can grip to any surface. When it needs to go into seriously unstable territory each of the wheels extends out into a spider like form. When in this all-terrain form the Crawler stands 25 – 30 feet tall. Some early concept art shows that it may have a flamethrower.  Perhaps it is taking a nod from Arkham Knight’s Batmobile? Along with the new land vehicle we also know of the Flying Fox. A transport type plane said to house the Batmobile and Justice League when going to fight whatever could need the attention of the entire league.


All of these new vehicles and modifications sound amazing and are going to make for one exciting performance from The Batman in Justice League. Be sure to see it when it releases in theaters November 17, 2017!



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