Review: Adventures of Supergirl #4

by Sean Blumenshine
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This review contains spoilers.

Adventures of Supergirl #4 is written by Sterling Gates with art by Carmen Carnero and colors by Sandra Molina.



Supergirl was attacked by a Fort Rozz escapee called Rampage who was angry because she believed that Alex had killed her sister. A Fort Rozz guard named Psi then attacked Supergirl in her dreams revealing that someone is watching Supergirl and recruiting aliens to attack her personal life.


Kara and Alex investigate the Fort Rozz crash site and head underground. There, they are attacked by Kryptonian robots. They also discover a lab with surveillance footage of Kara’s entire life. They are confronted by a mysterious woman named Facet. She claims that she intends to make Supergirl one of Krypton’s finest like herself, whatever that means. Facet tells Supergirl to ask her mother what that means and the issue ends with Kara and Alex escaping.


We have another incredible cover by Cat Staggs. These covers amaze me every time an issue comes out. The color, detail and even the concept are all wonderful. I would love to have all of these covers blown up and on my wall.

An initial reservation I had with this issue was that the story deals with secrets and truth. Typically with these Greg Berlanti shows (Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow), this theme is obnoxious. The characters constantly preach about how bad secrets are but are too stupid to realize their own hypocrisy. They are superheroes. They have to keep secrets and for good reason. In this, Kara seems mature enough to understand the necessity of secrets as well as their inherent danger. She uses secrets, or really just one, to protect the ones she cares about such as Winn, Jimmy and her mother. However, that secret provides an easy opening for villains like Facet to take advantage of. Gates manages to take an annoying trope and actually use it to give Kara some more dimension. It’s the most interesting aspect of the book.

Carnero’s art is really strong. There is a looming mystery that has dark implications and the art captures that mood perfectly. It does contrast the typical tone and that may turn off some fans. I think it works quite well because of the contrast.


Most of the issue is taken up by exposition and action. Kara spends quite a bit of time catching Alex up. I see the necessity of it, especially for new readers, but it is a little dull for someone who has been reading the series. Additionally, most of the action is Supergirl and Alex fighting mindless robots. There is some decent banter but it’s not the most engaging thing in the world.


The issue is overall enjoyable. I quite like Gates’ dialogue and I enjoy what he does with the theme of secrecy in superhero material for Kara’s character. The art is also great. The issue is unfortunately weighed down by some exposition and uninteresting action but I still recommend checking this issue out. It is a fun read.




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