Review: Batman: “I Am Gotham Pt. 3”

by Steven Brown
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

The story of the heroes Gotham and Gotham Girl are revealed here! As Batman uncovers the story of how Gotham and Gotham Girl came to be, a shocking revelation is made! And what plans does Hugo Strange have brewing for the two new heroes?


The Positives

“I Am Gotham, Part 3” written by Tom King and penciled by David Finch finally gives us a little backstory into who Gotham and Gotham Girl really are. Batman shows up to a unknown couple’s home in disguise as “Matches Malone.” Posing as a government agent, he finds out that he actually saved the hero Gotham’s life years ago when the hero was just a boy. That moment changed the kid’s life forever. From that moment on he and his sister started to train, study and learn any thing they could to become heroes. I was pretty curious to the history of these new heroes and King gives us a great origin story in this issue. I knew that Batman would do some type of research on these new heroes and it’s great to the detective in action once more in this issue. It seems that the more Batman learns about these two, the more he’s starting to trust them and in this issue he actually involves them in his plans. Not to reveal too much what happens here but it’s good to see Batman open his circle of trust a little more–now I just hope it doesn’t come back to hurt him!


The Negatives

My only negative in this issue is the addition of Hugo Strange in the ending. I know King is setting us up for something climatic in our next issue, but Hugo seemed randomly tossed in at our ending and there’s no build up to his purpose. Strange has usually operated as a “behind the scenes” type of villain so maybe he’s setting up something greater and that’s why he hasn’t been seen in any previous issues. King hasn’t disappointed me yet with his writing on this Batman run so far so I’m gonna see where this ride goes.


The Verdict

“I Am Gotham, Part 3” is a good solid follow up book. It gives us a unique look at Batman from the side of the detective– and I’m always a fan of that. Although the action is few in this book, King is obviously setting us up for something better in the next issue and this issue does a great job of setting it up. I was pretty unsure about Gotham and Gotham Girl’s intentions at first about helping the city and Batman. However, after reading this issue, these kids seemed seriously inspired by Batman. I’m excited to see exactly how Strange taints all this!!! Finch’s attention to detail in the artwork is always amazing as the comic takes every emotion and puts it on full display. You really see the emotion on the parents’ faces as they talk to Matches Malone about their missing children. King and Finch give us a good quality origin story here and I was really impressed. Check out “I Am Gotham, Part 3” and be impressed too!!!


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