Exclusive: We speak with DC Writer James Tynion IV At San Diego Comic Con 2016

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James Tynion IV is a household name at DC Comics. His work on Batman Eternal, Batman/TMNT, and Detective Comics is nothing short of brilliant (just to name some of his work). He has worked on a huge range of books in his time at DC so far, but in this exclusive interview at SDCC2016 we spoke about the new Detective Comics and how it’s changing in the context of Rebirth.

If you haven’t read Batman Eternal, I would highly recommend you get your hands on all 50 issues and give them a go, I personally think it’s his best work. However with the exciting launch of Rebirth, Batman’s world is evolving and he is no longer the sole centre of his crime fighting team. Batwoman plays a central role, and the environment is changing. Tune in for this interview I had with at the DC Booth in San Diego.

You follow James on Twitter @JamesTheFourth

Give Detective Comics a go, it’s a brilliant read!


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