Suicide Squad closes in on $150 Million Dollars for Opening Weekend

by Damian Fasciani
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First it was Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice that made is cool to bag DC movies, and Suicide Squad has been no stranger to mixed reviews either. It seems that movie goers have ignored the initial negative reviews to the point where the film is about to hit the $150 million dollar mark for its opening weekend. That figure is in relation to the North American box office region.

$125 – $145 million was the forecasted box office range, those numbers have now been surpassed. What is most impressive is that the film has swept aside the previous box office record for the month August which was Guardian’s of the Galaxy ($94.3 million). Suicide Squad has made an extra $63 Million to date.

On the international stage (opening in 57 markets), the film is also doing very well taking $33 million on Friday, totalling $64.6 million so far.

The Hollywood Reporter provided some interesting data which identified that more than half of Friday’s audience was in fact female (we probably have Harley Quinn to thank for that), and that 28 percent of tickets purchased where under the age of 18.

So far so good in that Warner Bros board room! Let us know your thoughts on the film if you have had a chance to watch it.

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