Sarah Grey To Play Stargirl In Legends of Tomorrow


Sarah Grey is a relatively new actress which started her career back in 2013. However despite that she has landed some decent roles in iZombie, Power Rangers, Bates Motel, and Almost Human to name a few.  Sarah will be playing Stargirl who shows up in season 2 of Legends of Tomorrow.

Stargirl will join Hourman played by Patrick J. Adams, Dr. Mid-Nite, as well as Obsidian. Commander Steel and Vixen have also been confirmed to be in Justice League of America. Commander Steel will be played by Matthew MacCaull and Vixen will be played by Amaya Jiwe.

Now if you have no clue who Stargirl is then here is a brief summary of her history in the DC verse. Stargirl was created back in 1999 by Geoff Johns. When she isn’t wielding Starman’s Cosmic Staff and Cosmic Converter Belt she is known as Courtney Whitmore. The staff and belt give her enhanced agility as well as reflexes. Since her creation Stargirl has become one of the main characters in the JSA, which is proven by her appearances in many different live-action adaptations and having been in several episodes of Smallville.

This stellar line-up for the JSA is just getting the cosmic dust whipping up around as Legends of Tomorrow starts in a couple of months with its release date of October 13th at 8 p.m. IGN had a teaser during San Diego Comic Con this year and if you missed it here is the video.

Brandon Richardson

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