[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer: James Tynion IV

Artist: Eddy Barrows


This first arc of Detective Comics in Rebirth has been one hell of a ride! It all began with trust, Batman trusting Batwoman to lead Red Robin, Spoiler, Clayface and Cassandra Cain. Well this issue, this epic story concludes with trust as well. Batman trusting in Tim, trusting him to make the right call. Batman has always thought of his Bat-Family as soldiers, he accepts that in their life, there are certain risks, but he’s trained everyone to be prepared for it.


When a real military organization comes into Gotham the stakes are more real than ever. In the previous issues Col. Kane made his presence known, attacked the family where they live, and to top it off, brought an army of flying drones to attack all the criminals of Gotham. Drake, being the computer whiz he is, put a stop to it. He wasn’t able to stop them, so he changed their target to one person, himself!


Detective Comics #940 is full of action and even more emotion, it is a perfect issue in my mind. It lets the story come to an amazing conclusion, has strong effects on all the characters involved, and will change the face of the Batman family stories to come. Even if you’ve never read Batman before, this issue and this arc are going to be your perfect chance to get started.


There are these tiny moments in the issue, just a few panels here and there that make this arc stand out. As a bonus we are treated to a few splash pages packed with atmosphere and power.


Given that this story is over, it would have been better to see more resolution between Batwoman and Col. Kane.


This issue was amazing, and this arc for that matter will be a great point for new readers to jump on and give seasoned readers a ton of enjoyment.




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