‘Suicide Squad’ Beats ‘Winter Soldier’ At Worldwide Box Office

by Charly Shelton
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Suicide Squad officially passed the $700 Million mark last weekend and as of yesterday, it has grossed $718.8 Million, CBR reports. Not bad for a film with no heroes.

David Ayer’s epic underdog team-up pic has met intense critical backlash, a vocal minority of disappointed fans and China banned the film from releasing in the country altogether. Despite that, it is still continuing to make money in its seventh weekend of release and it has now surpassed the worldwide gross of another popular superhero team-up film, Captain America: Winter Soldier. That film’s worldwide gross, with the aid of China’s box office, was $714.4 Million, and was the sixth highest grossing Marvel film in the official Marvel Cinematic Universe, not counting films like Spider-Man, Amazing Spider-Man, X-Men, Howard the Duck and Ghost Rider.

Suicide Squad is continuing to earn money in many markets across the world as it goes into the twilight of its run, which usually peters out around 12 weeks.

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