Sofia Vergara Dons The Wonder Woman Costume

If you are reading her name and wondering what she is from, then here is a little bit of help. Sofia is an actress on the television show called Modern Family. She plays Gloria Delgado on the show.

As Halloween is almost upon us, the Internet is starting to fill with Halloween specials and Pumpkin Spice everything. With that we all are getting ready for Halloween parties and the wonderful costumes that comes with the holiday. Sofia teases on her Instagram account about a “secret project” to which she makes it pretty clear who she is going to be dressed up as for an upcoming Modern Family episode. Sofia has also been posting pictures of some of her co-actors from the show in some fun costumes with mustaches. With Wonder Woman having her 75th anniversary as well as her new look as shown off by the lovely Gal Gadot in Batman v Superman it has re-ignited fans love for the character. Plus we get to see Gal in her the Wonder Woman stand alone film next year that is set to come out on June 2, 2017.

Of course all of these photos and love for Wonder Woman can be almost completely traced back with Lynda Carter and her very iconic outfit that Sofia Vergara is rocking in these photos. Wonder Woman first appeared back in December 1941 in the All Star Comics #8. Since then Wonder Woman has been in our hearts and is a loved member of DC Comics. So if you could dress up like a DC Superhero who would it be?

Brandon Richardson

Hey everyone, my name is Brandon and it has always been a dream to work in comic books. And to do this is amazing and a lot of fun for me because not only do I get to read and write about what DC Comics is doing but it gives me more insight into who the characters are.