[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer: Benjamin Percy
Artist: Jonboy Meyers

After the death of a family member, people grieve in many ways. Some party, some need space and time to be alone, others might dive headlong into work. Finally, some tend to reflect on their own life. All of the Teen Titans are coming to terms with the loss of Tim Drake and are adjusting in their lives while doing what they need to do.


On their new paths, a dark presence follows them. A shadowed figure, plotting against them. What lays in store for Beast Boy, Raven, Starfire, and Kid Flash? What does this new menace want with these grieving teens?


Normally, a book will stand out for its incredible writing, or the amazing art. Often it is one or the other that makes a book remarkable. With this issue, the team of Jonboy Meyers and Benjamin Percy really has created a solid world that blends the two elements to make a great book. The whole issue carries a light tone that has a creeping darkness to it. In its conclusion, this issue had me laughing with the attitude it carried.

With the recent run on Teen Titans having just ended, and the new series as a continuation of the story, it felt unnecessary to give each characters background. We understand who they are, as these characters are easily some of the best known in the DC universe.

I seriously enjoyed this issue and found a lot of heart in it. Readers should look forward to what’s to come.



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