Review: Cyborg #3

by Steven Brown
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer: John Semper Jr.
Pencils and Inks: Will Conrad

It’s Cyborg vs the Justice League! Victor takes on the onslaught of the world’s greatest heroes who’ve decided that Cyborg must be shut down! Is this actually happening or is this all a figment of Victor’s imagination?


Semper gives us a hell of a read here in Cyborg #3! Following the defeat of Killgore, Cyborg takes the time to have some rest and relaxation. Unfortunately when you’re part machine that means that the rest also includes time for upgrades and system checks! As a diagnostic scan is being run on him, Victor has something he hasn’t had in a long time — a nightmare. The dream itself, although weird, isn’t the part that confuses him. It’s the part where his brain is supposed to be shut down, but for some reason it’s not and he shouldn’t be dreaming in the first place. Semper does a great job in trying to show us the fight that Victor undergoes on a daily basis just to maintain his humanity. I love that even the simplest of things that we all take for granted such as walking down the street, Victor has difficulties doing because of how he looks. Not to give away a potential spoiler, but Victor changes his looks to blend in and I definitely like it. I just hope he’s able to actually sustain it long enough for him to have somewhat normal life.


My only complaint about this issue is the underlying relationship between Victor and his father Dr. Silas Stone. Although the two don’t see eye to eye, there seems to be a number of secrets Dr. Stone has been keeping from Victor, including quite a few that involve his memories and his past. I don’t want to give too much away, but this story seems to be setting Victor on either a path or a collision course with his own father, Dr. Stone. As the story unfolds in these first three issues, we see Victor slowly picking up pieces from his past, and it seems that Dr. Stone wants to keep these specific memories away from Victor. I hope next issue we either get a falling out from that or at least a reason as to why Dr. Stone would do this to his own son.


Cyborg #3 is a great read! Now I recommend reading at least issue #2 before diving into this one, but this issue stands fine on its own as well. Semper gives us plenty of action against a vengeful Justice League, who seems ready to send Cyborg to the scrap pile! Semper also gives us a quick look at the first battle the Justice League fought against Darkseid in the New 52, and what would’ve happened if Cyborg would’ve never sent the God of Apokolips home using the boom tube. I gotta admit the alternate story was pretty dark, and Semper does a great job of telling it! Check out Cyborg #3! It’s definitely worth the read!


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