Preview: Gotham 3×09-The Executioner

by Sean Blumenshine
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On the next episode of Gotham, Gordon and Bullock investigate Barnes while Ivy reunites with Bruce and Selina.



Most of the trailer depicts Barnes completely consumed by his madness. I enjoyed his story in last week’s episode immensely so I am excited to see where this goes. I am looking forward to the confrontation between Gordon and Barnes now that Barnes has become a dark mirror for Gordon. Barnes has been completely by the book before he was infected but Gordon has stepped over the line. He has killed when he felt the law wasn’t enough. I hope the episode deals with that.

It’s nice that Ivy is finally going to be a factor in the season. The writers have really only teased us with her so far even though the character severed as a major promotional tool before the season started and Maggie Geha’s name is credited in almost every episode of the season so far. I am curious to see what the writers do with the character.



In this preview, Benedict Samuel discusses Barnes’ transformation. No new information is given but there are a couple of new shots not in the trailer and it is entirely focused on Barnes. He also uses the line, “I am the law,” again. I really hope someone photoshops Michael Chiklis as Judge Dredd after this.

“The Executioner” airs Monday November 14 at 8:00 p.m. Eastern time on Fox.

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