Review: Deathstroke #7

by Steven Brown
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer: Priest
Pencils: Carlo Pagulayan
Colors: Jeromy Cox

The hunt for the Rose’s attempted assassination has finally come full circle! After months of traveling the world and seeking answers, Slade finally knows who put the contract out on the dark web for his daughter! Now what will the World’s Deadliest Assassin do with the information?


The story has been amazing from the beginning all the way to this point and I’m very satisfied with the direction of the book! I’m enjoying traveling across the globe and seeing everything from a mercenary’s point of view. From the beginning we’ve seen the history and story of Slade Wilson and everything that we have learned has come full circle in this book! The appearance of Superman is an added bonus and a wild card I completely did not see. The pencils and colors by Cox and Pagulayan give real weight and life to the book itself and I hope to continue to see more of their work in different books in the future. Each page never feels too full or too colorful, and each character is given great attention to detail.


My only negative for this book was the same as my positive really – the appearance of Superman. Only reason I say this is because we get a glimpse of the Man of Steel from the beginning of the book, so you know Superman has a mission to bring in Deathstroke. However, throughout the pages of the book Slade is dealing with a completely different mission. His encounter with Superman isn’t even here yet! Priest is setting us up for a great showdown and I know it, but I got a little greedy and wanted to see it right then and there! Although I have to admit, Superman’s entrance to introduce him to Slade Wilson was well done and completely worth it!


Deathstroke #7 is a good read but better when you’re reading the entire series as a whole. This is basically coming to a conclusion of what’s been going on in the previous issues so by itself this issue doesn’t give too much. As part of the whole Priest is giving us a great ride as seen by one of the deadliest men on the planet! I’m definitely looking forward to seeing how Deathstroke holds his own against the Man of Steel!


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