Review: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow 2.7: Invasion

[Editor’s note: This review contains spoilers.]

Director: Gregory Smith
Writers:Greg Berlanti, Phil Klemmer and Marc Guggenheim
Starring: The whole cast of Legends of Tomorrow plus almost everyone else in the DCTVU.

The end of the invasion story line has hit the Legends. Nate, Amaya and Mick take Felicity and Cisco to 1951 to kidnap a Dominator. Felicity and Cisco have a heart-to-heart. Martin bonds with his “Flashpoint” daughter, but he is kind of a jerk about it. Of course, Dr. Snow is not super keen on jerkiness. Ollie tells Kara that he does not trust her, because, well, he is Ollie. That is just what he does. Barry Allen is the truest and best hero because of everyone, his heart is always in the right place.invasion-critica-crossover-flash-arrow-supergirl-legends-tomorrow_4


The coolest thing about the “Invasion” story is how much of each show was left intact. It could have been easy to have four shows where Ollie, Barry and Kara kick people around while the other characters run around behind them. Instead, each episode of the crossover was still about the main characters of that show. Sure, Felicity and Cisco are on the Waverider and Barry is still the central focus of the problem with Flashpoint, but this is still an episode of Legends of Tomorrow.

The first piece of evidence: Mick is hilarious like always. His snarky comments regarding Nate’s new Steel outfit are so funny because everyone watching is thinking the same thing, but only Mick gets to say it. The second piece of evidence is Masie Sellers-Richardson is the best actor on the show. As nice as it was to see some dramatic acting from Carlos Valdes, Sellers-Richardson is a scene stealer. That is just a fact. The third piece of evidence is that of all the heroes who could stop the meta-bomb, it was a Legend, the little used Firestorm in fact, who saves the day.

It is hard to separate this from the week’s worth of shows. It ends with Ollie and Barry having drinks. That is a nice touch, but the most “Legendy” part of it all was when Sara says to Ollie:

“It is hard to imagine that all of this started with us.”

Right. Without the trip on the Queen’s Gambit, there is no Arrow. There are no Legends. The whole DCTVU is really the “Arrowverse” and the Legends are part of that now and they deserve to be there.

As Felicity said, this was the “Best team-up EVER!”


Honestly, this whole week of shows was really good. Sure, Supergirl’s episode was not really about this and none of her cast got to show up and play, but that is about it. Having Winn meet Felicity and Cisco would have been a lot of fun. I am bummed about that.

Best team up ever. I already said that I know, but it bears repeating.



Easter Eggs

  • Barry’s new Star Labs Headquarters looks a lot like the Hall of Justice. Pretty awesome.
  • For Star Trek: The Next Generation fans, Emily Bett Rickards as Felicity got a little tongue-tied after time traveling the first time. Among the gibberish she was speaking, you can hear her say “Darmok and Jalad, at Tanagra,” a reference to the second episode of the fifth season, “Darmok,” in which Captain Picard has to overcome a confusing language barrier to perpetuate a peaceful relationship with a race of aliens known as Tamarians. Also, when Felicity and Cisco later arm up to save the Legends from the secret government agents, Cisco remarks, “set phasers to stun.”
  • DEO on Earth 1? Hmmm. It seems likely.
  • Ray Palmer looks unsure, but he SWEARS Kara looks like his cousin. Brandon Routh, the actor who plays Ray Palmer/ The Atom, also played the Man of Steel in 2006’s Superman Returns.

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