Review: Everafter: From the Pages of Fables #4

by Matthew Lloyd
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writers: Dave Justus & Matt Sturges
Artist: Travis Moore
Colors: Michael Wiggam

Connor is still captive of the group that staged the art museum robbery. He’s been discovered and after a brief skirmish he is subdued and taken for tortuous questioning. He is able to escape by taking the shape of a bird. His injuries make flying difficult and he’s saved by some birds under orders from Peter Piper.


Back at headquarters, Bo and Feathertop go round and round on the morality of assassinating Jordan, the little girl who is at the center of this caper. Feathertop makes his case, Bo makes hers. Feathertop is able to turn it around on Bo with a final, “Then do your job!”


Meanwhile, back at Alcatraz, the art thieves have turned out to be more than that. They are actually performing a summoning ritual, of Native Americans who have passed. Apparently, all of them. At headquarters, they are able to figure outs what’s going on and in San Francisco Bay where Peter has rescued Connor by boat, they realize that they are in a heap of trouble. It’s not simply a summoning of spirits, there was no spell of protection and they are mindless revenants, bent on murder and heading towards San Francisco.


It’s good that Connor isn’t dead and his resourcefulness is demonstrated as he frees himself from his captors. Peter’s secret about his signing bonus is a nice surprise and says a lot about his character and his relationship with Bo (Hint: Bo’s leg got injured, but Peter is feeling the pain.).

The story has veered off a bit as the issue with Jordan introduced in the first issue has gone to the side, as has the tease about Hansel passing on his legacy. Those tow tasty morsels were quite interesting and they are missed. Unfortunately, the Native American summoning as the main threat in this initial arc has manifested itself slowly and it was unclear that Jordan would not be the focus of this arc. Additionally, the “F” word seemed to pop up more often this issue and again it seemed over used. I understand using this type of language for a Mature Readers title, but it is more effective when there is a variety of adult language, ex. douchebag fits well in the context of its inclusion in this issue.

A decent issue that finally manages to present the threat for this story arc despite the fact that the subplots from previous issues seem to be more interesting and well developed.


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