[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer: Joshua Williamson
Pencils: Tony S. Daniel

The Justice League goes head to head against the Suicide Squad! Encountering the Squad in the midst of their own mission, the Justice League gives them the match of a lifetime while Waller watches! But does Waller really think that the Suicide Squad can take on the Justice League or is this just a distraction for another plan she has?

Williamson really surprises me in this book with how amazing this story plays out! Immediately after the events of the first issue we’re immediately thrown in the heat of battle between the Suicide Squad and the League. I expected a pretty straightforward and easy victory for the League, especially with the skill sets and powers that they have. Williamson takes this fact and completely ignores it. This is far from a one-sided battle. Enchantress with her magic takes on Superman and ultimately the team’s wild card, Killer Frost, gets the advantage and the League goes down! Batman wakes up in a cell specifically designed for him, and so does the rest of the League. The first voice that Batman hears is that of Amanda Waller’s telling him “welcome to the Suicide Squad!”

I don’t really have any negatives about this issue or the story in general so far. Williamson gives us great battles between characters, rivalries that are told in great context, such as Flash and Captain Boomerang and Tony Daniel’s art on each page gives life to the story as well. There isn’t a slow paced moment in this book, and that is awesome!

Justice League Vs Suicide Squad #2 is a good read and if you’re a fan of either group you’ll definitely enjoy it! Like I said before, I went into this book thinking this was going to be a one-sided event but Williamson proves us wrong with that one! The Squad not only shows how dangerous they are, but so has Amanda Waller. I swear she’s one of the few characters I love but hate at the same time. She has admirable goals for keeping innocents and the country safe. However with her ANY means justify the overall goal and that is what makes her so dangerous. Now I’m wondering what exactly will she do with a captured Justice League?

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