Review: Everafter: From the Pages of Fables #5

by Matthew Lloyd
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writers: Dave Justus & Matthew Sturges
Artist: Travis G. Moore
Colorist: Michael Wiggam

Last issue I lamented for some sort of resolution to the story line with Jordan Yow. This issue picks right up with Jordan at her Grandmother’s and her reanimated dead family in attendance. Jordan’s grandmother calls the police, but the call is intercepted by Bo Peep who appears shortly as a police officer to take her away. Jordan figures out who Bo is and even heals Bo’s leg wound.

Back in ‘Frisco, Peter Piper and Connor Wolf have to deal with the fallout from the botched summoning. It looks bad for Peter until Connor steps in with a miraculous save. Apparently, Feathertop has been in negotiations with the gods of Native Americans, making deals to save millions while sacrificing thousands. This brings Peter back home, though- unscathed.

Peter and Bo are able to have some time together, and in their sharing, we learn exactly how Bo disposed of Jordan Yow. But the Unicorn plainly shows that there’s more to it than a simple assassination.

It was great to get straight back to Jordan Yow’s story and even better to see that Bo couldn’t go through with a simple assassination. It appears as if Jordan has a new purpose that won’t be detrimental to our world, but rather helpful to the world that Feathertop saw die. The intimate moments between Peter and Bo felt very real. The exposition on the nature of fables was interesting and certainly opens up the doorway for future tales. There are new fables being created in this world with no previous provenance.

This issue redeemed the last one, hard to find a negative here…. It would’ve been nice to have a more concrete exposition of what’s going on with the tattoo artist who inherited Hansel’s legacy.

This was a satisfying ending to the first arc as it brought together both Peter and Bo’s stories. Additionally, both story lines have untold ramifications and possibilities for future storytelling.

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