Ben Affleck’s Final Word on The Batman Script?

by Shaina Lucas
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When Ben Affleck was first announced to don the cape and cowl he wasn’t received with welcome arms by the DC Community. Affleck was tied to the atrocity that was Daredevil, but that’s all in the past since he is now an Oscar-winning writer and director. Though many still hold on to the Keaton-era or even the West-era of Batman, we can’t deny that Affleck has become one of the best Batman/Bruce Wayne combos in film history.

After the supposed success of Batman v. Superman it was announced that Affleck would not only write and direct a new Batman solo film, but also star in it as well and collaborate with DC legend Geoff Johns. Fans were ecstatic for this film writing many articles about it and including speculation what the film would be about, including rumors we’d see all that left out footage of Jared Leto’s Joker.

After taking a long time for the script to form the rumor mills are out of control saying Affleck has not only lost interest in the film but also said it may not happen at all. Affleck dispelled the rumors saying he is working on it, it’s coming along, and no matter what date DC has set for the release he will not continue with the script until it meets his standards, which we all know is setting the bar very high. Affleck had stated that the solo film coming to the DCEU was “not a set thing” was not a cry of failure and giving up, but a statement saying there is no set date, it will happen when he feels it’s ready. Affleck also said why the script has been in the process for as long as it has because of his other projects that he had to focus on first.

DC fans just need to give Mr. Affleck some time, because honestly, do we really want another repeat Batman Forever and Batman & Robin?

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