[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer & Artist: Francis Manapul

It’s Inception meets A.I and it’s absolutely amazing! In my review of Trinity #4 I stated that there was a really amazing story to be told and that Manapul might play it safe and go with something much more conventional. Well Mr. Manapul, I’m eating my words now! This issue takes Mongul, Poison Ivy and the Black Mercy character and story and pushes them further with a few twists. At the same time it also functions as a type of continuation of Poison Ivy: Cycle of Life and Death by Amy Chu and Clay Mann. This issue brings in another twist to the DC universe with a new character. One that has chilling repercussions for the Trinity and anyone else that crosses its’ path.

With this issue we have Manapul returning to do that art in a series of his own creation. His art style is so unique and wonderful that anyone picking up this issue will enjoy. There is also a serious homage paid to the top artists of Superman that created so many little moments of nostalgia for me, all packed into two panels.

The ending of this issue really adds to the flare and power of the Black Mercy, demonstrating both the power of the creature and the writing ability of Manapul.

There is one thing that I disliked in this issue of Trinity and it may be something that fans will look over as an oversight or nothing to be concerned about but it bugged me. In the issue Poison Ivy references how this farmer (Clark Kent) somehow knows billionaire Bruce Wayne. She then in the next panel proceeds to gloss over it. If she is so connected to the Green and can get into the dream world, does she now know who Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman are?


Overall I think this issue is great, it has action, a little bit of Lois Lane being awesome, and some creepy body hijacking action.

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