Review: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow 2.10: The Legion of Doom

[Warning: Spoilers ahead]

Director: Eric Laneuville

Writers: Phil Klemmer and Marc Guggenheim

Starring: Victor Garber, Amy Pemberton, Arthur Darvill, Brandon Routh, Caity Lotz, Franz Drameh, Maisie Richardson-Sellers, Nick Zano, Matt Letscher and Dominic Purcell

Guest Starring: Neal McDonough and John Barrowman


It’s all about the baddies in this episode of Legends of Tomorrow. The title should have given it away, but just in case you missed it, the Legion of Doom is a real thing. They are doing really, really bad stuff and they are loving it. In this episode, we learn that Damian and Malcolm do not like each other, nor do they really like Eobard. Martin brings his time aberration daughter, Lily, on board the Waverider because she is smart enough to hook the magic amulet up to Gideon so the team can figure out what is going on there. Rip, who still thinks he is Phil, has a lot to deal with and he uses his movie knowledge to solve some problems for the Legion of Doom (a term Sara refuses to use…for now).


It is bad form to start at the ending, but damn, that last scene is really great. As a viewer, I knew something was up and I could have guessed that the baddies were going to do what they did, but I did not think they would do something that big. Pretty cool.

Neal McDonough is the best bad guy on TV. Between his work on Justified and Arrow, we was, dare I drop a pun here and say a Legend, but with is revamped, retooled, pissed off version of Damian in this show, he is eating up every scene he is in.   John Barrowman is excellent as well as a Malcolm Meryln who has some proving of his own to do so when you have the two of them on screen together, you might as well forget paying attention to everything else that is going on around them. Great idea by the creative team here. Thank goodness that both McDonough and Barrowman were willing to take the roles.

Victor Graber is top billed on this show and he should be because he has mad skills. He has been showing them off lately.  This episode has everything we need from him. He snarks at Mick, he says totally believable science type things (which clearly I know nothing about) he is totally pretentious and he is a believable father. Excellent work sir.


This is a show about time travel. Sure. At this point, the team shows up after an aberration happens and then they  “right the ship” as it were. What they do not do is jump in front of events that happen and stop them from happening. Why? I am not sure, but they just don’t do that. The problem is, if that last scene is to be believed, they are going to need to do this. You can only change so much history before what Nate knows becomes irrelevant. Having a historian on board who is only aware of a history that no longer exists is pointless and worthless.

While I totally dig having the bad guys get some time in the sun, the heroes took a huge back seat. There was no action. No one suited up at all. Sure, Merlyn and Darhk had a fight, that was cool, but give me some Legends of Tomorrow acting like legends.


This was a solid episode that only lacked the super part of the heroes. Still, learning how Mick gets his beer was worth seeing. I like where this is heading. I can only imagine at some point, Sara will have to say the words “Legion of Doom.” That will be pretty funny.

Easter Eggs

There are all kinds of Flash eggs in this issue. We see the whole team from Central City as Nate is digging through the Time Master’s data. Just a reminder that everything in the DC universe begins and ends with the Flash.

Black Flash is pretty awesome too. Damn.

What Easter Eggs did you notice? Comment below.

Tony Farina

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