Supergirl: People are Disappearing “Exodus” Trailer

by Danny Saab
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Fresh off of last night’s heartbreaking episode, the CW has released a trailer for next week’s bone crushing episode, “Exodus.” In the 45 second trailer, we see Cadmus’ fiendish plot to abduct all the aliens that were on the registry that that stole from the DEO. If that wasn’t bad enough, Jeremiah is at the forefront, watching as Cadmus kidnaps all the innocent people, and questions his loyalty to the organization. Will his heart be with Cadmus, or will Alex and Kara sway him to see what’s right? Exodus premieres Monday March 6 at 8 PM EST on the CW.

As Alex searches for Jeremiah and Kara investigates a series of alien kidnappings, the sisters realize they must break the rules to foil a new Cadmus plot. In an effort to get Snapper Carr to run a story that would help her stop Cadmus, Kara agrees to set up an interview between Snapper and Supergirl.

Director: Michael A. Allowitz

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