Review: Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #17

by Matthew Lloyd
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer: Robert Venditti
Artist: Ethan Van Sciver
Colorist: Jason Wright

After last issue’s fight with Arkillo, Guy is still in the hospital on Mogo. Hal, Kyle and John all come to see him together before Kyle and Hal have to make some headway with Saint Walker as they continue their search for Hope. Kyle meets with Ganthet, Sayd and Saint Walker. Walker believes that he can assist Kyle in finding his brothers and sisters, the wielders of the blue light of Hope. Kyle locks in and while it appears that it is hurting Saint Walker, he continues to say “all will be well.” When it’s over, Kyle is no longer the White Lantern and the other rings go in search of replacements. The montage includes a shot of Mr. Oz in a scene that seems to be coming directly from this week’s Action Comics #976.

While all this is transpiring, Guy manages to get out of his bed and make his way to Arkillo’s hospital bed. Somewhat surprisingly, Guy seems to hold no malice toward’s Arkillo, but rather exhibits sympathy and a desire to partner with Arkillo because he recognizes the similarities between the two of them.


Perhaps the greatest strength of this title is the numerous concepts and plots being juggled simultaneously. When the scene shifts from one plot line to another, it is never boring. This also allows Venditti to deal with different themes easily in the same book. Amazingly, after last issue, we get even more insight into Guy’s character as we see him exhibiting a bond with Arkillo and longing to fight alongside him because of the kindred spirit he sees in him.

Unfortunately, Kyle losing the power of the White Lantern feels like a step backwards.  For all the progression made in this title, Kyle becoming just a Green Lantern again is a little disappointing. However, I will give Venditti the benefit of the doubt that he will make an even greater advancement with Kyle in this story line.

The Green Lantern Corps has always been at the center of multiversal shaking events, and it appears that another one is around the corner. With Mr. Oz making an appearance, the Rebirth Universe is about to come front and center to not just the GLC, but the rest of the DCU. And the rest of the issue was great as well, as it showed us even more of Guy Gardner’s character.

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