On #DCTV :: Breaking Down the Week of The CW action in Comic Terms including the LEGENDS in Space

by JC Alvarez
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With so many trips through time and stops in and out of the Speed Force, #DCTV is taking the liberty to sort of put it all into context for those trying to keep up with DC Comics continuity while tuning into all the action every week!

You have to give it up to #DCTV host Hector Navarro! Every week the man of a million mishaps is tasked with bridging the worlds of the adapted television universe with their counterparts in DC Comics continuity and mythology, and when you have a week like The CW shows have been experiencing, it’s very likely that audiences may need to take a step back to get some point reference — or get sucked up into the Speed Force themselves!

On The Flash Navarro pointed out the very high profile positioning the Speed Force has been getting lately. The elemental energy source that powers Barry Allen (along with all the other speedsters) is an essential part of the narrative this season, but very few are aware of the Speed Force’s origins within DC Comics continuity! Navarro explains the nature of the elemental energy, and hopefully fans won’t despair as our heroes get closer this season to stopping Savitar!

As for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow the group has finally collected all the pieces of the mythic Spear of Destiny and are one step closer to defeating the Legion of Doom (we hope), but as the group trolls through space and time, they’ve made some interesting stops along the way! Just recently they’ve run a ground of another member of the fabled JSA, “Commander Steel” whose grand son Citizen Steel just joined the legends this season.

Hector explores some interesting factoids about one of the JSA (and frontline members of the spin-off team the All-Star Squadron) in this episode of #DCTV. You can check it out for yourself here:

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