Review: Harley’s Little Black Book #6

by Konrad Secord-Reitz
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writers: Amanda Conner & Jimmy Palmiotti
Artists: Simon Bisley & Paul Mounts

If you go out and party enough, like Harley does, you’ll meet your fair share of people and might even have a blast with them. Well, thanks to Superman’s balls (Editor’s note: NOT what you’re thinking), that’s exactly what the energetic animal lover did. While enjoying a drink and dancing at a club, Harley was transported across the galaxy onto a spacecraft full of aliens. Before she knows it the ship is going down and the main man, Lobo, has her in his lap keeping her from burning up on entry to an alien planet!

Through a very odd and fantastical series of events Harley and Lobo have themselves a nice time together. Between all the “Nekkidness” as Harley vehemently points out, the giant snakes in the water, gigantic guns, and a charming little flag, this crazy adventure has everything —  action, romance, suspense, and monsters!

The adventure in Little Black Book #6 is not what I was expected but was a lot of fun, like an unexpected date. The art style threw me off at first but I came to like it as it suited Lobo and the world he inhabits. It reminded me of Heavy Metal or other 80’s style books. Very rough and disproportionate at times but charming and eye catching.

The characters and all the little monsters in this issue are quite marvelous and distinct. Each having a very unique feel and totally unexpected.

Along with the 80’s style of art, this issue has also adopted the amount of text used in the old comics as well. Readers might find this issue extremely wordy at first. Thankfully it is chalk full of puns and insults that’ll have you laughing.


I highly enjoyed the unconventional combo of Harley and Lobo and the mad mistress summed it up best herself. She really does have a thing for pale guys!

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