GOTHAM PREMIERE: Riddler Takes Over!

by Duke Harrington
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Gotham begins April 24 on FOX to finish out its third season with a run of eight episodes, and there’s a new man at the top of the city’s criminal cabal. DC Entertainment has just released a promo video for the show’s return, and here’s what they have to say:

“Gotham returns on April 24th, and the city’s future is one big question mark! Yes, the Riddler is about to take over, and in the #DCTV clip, we talk to the entire cast of Gotham about what that means for their characters. Plus, will Butch and Tabitha find true love? Hey, stranger things have happened in this town, right?”

According to Cory Michael Smith, who plays pre-Riddler baddie Edward Nygma, his character is inching ever closer to the form fans are familiar with from the comics. In the teaser below, catch that groovy green suit!

“Having killed the Pengiun, who was his best friend and kind of his mentor in villainy . . . he is sort of running the city by proxy,” Smith says of Nygma’s upcoming story arc.

“He has to make a decision, whether he wants to continue down this path and not let anyone know that he’s responsible for it or, like any good murderer, you want credit for what you’ve done. So, it’s time to accept where he is, figure out his identity, and move forward.”

So, Riddle us this, who looks ready to start sending out his infamous “anonymous” calling clues?

But Riddler’s evolution isn’t the only thing to watch for as Season 3 of Gotham unfolds. Erin Richards, who plays former Jim Gordon squeeze tuned hot-screaming-nutball Barbara Kean, says her arc for the back half of the season is “pretty phenomenal.”

“Her need for power gets a little bit out of control and that causes a huge rift between her and Tabitha, with quite dire consequences. And then we have a massive character reveal at the end.”

That sounds like a cliffhanger to end the season on, but who could it be? In the world of Gotham, might Batwoman make an appearance before Batman? Might we get Gotham‘s version of Ra’s al Ghul?

Oh, and we may learn more about that Bruce Wayne clone, too.

Watch the teaser and tell us what you think in the comments below . . .


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