Powerless pulled from NBC schedule

by Duke Harrington
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It appears Powerless may be just that. The NBC sitcom based in the DC Universe has been on the bubble almost from the moment it made its prime time debut in February. And while it’s not officially canceled, the network has scheduled an episode of Superstore to run in its place this Thursday. And it’s removed the show’s May 4 episode from the line-up.

Also,it seems Powerless has disappeared completely from the schedule on the NBC website.

Ominous, right? So, just what are the implications of all that schedule shifting? Powerless‘ executive producer, Patrick Schumacker, took to twitter to soften the blow:


Powerless stars (or starred) Vanessa Hudgens (who was awesome in Grease Live) as Emily Locke, Director of Research  and Development at Wayne Security, a subsidiary of Wayne Enterprises based in Charm City. The company specializes in products that help regular folk survive in a world full of super-destructive battles between super-heroes and super-villains. You know, the folk who feel “powerless,” because they’re all the time just walking down the street on the way to work when, BAM! Man of Steel happens and buildings start falling on their heads. The show also starred Danny Pudi (who was awesome in Community), Christina Kirk (who was awesome in A to Z), Ron Funches (who was awesome in Undateable), Jennie Pierson (who was awesome in Don’t Trust the B– in Apartment 23), and Alan Tudyk (who is awesome in EVERY SINGLE THING HE TOUCHES).

But sometimes a thing can be less than the sum of its awesome parts and Powerless appeared in trouble from the start, as it was originally supposed to be about an insurance company in the DCU.  The series pilot drew decent critical response following its preview at Comic-Con 2016, but series creator Ben Queen left the project soon after and the show was given a new premise with almost the entire pilot reshot. The remade premier — with the new situation but arguable less comedy — got mixed reviews, managing no more than a 64 percent fresh rating on RottenTomatoes.com.

From there the show sank steadily in the ratings. After makings its debut Feb. 2 with a 1.1 rating and 4 percent share off 3.1 million viewers, it sank by its ninth episode on April 20 to a 0.6 rating/3 percent share, and 2.03 million watching. However, that was up from the series low on March 30, which garnered a 0.5 rating/2 percent share, and just 1.81 million viewers. Its series average rating of 0.71 in the all-important 18-49 year old demographic placed Powerless last among all NBC shows. So, the odds of renewal for a second season, given the latest move by corporate brass, is not promising.

Of course, all hope is not lost. Powerless could still end up on The CW.

But then, if it does get good and really-for-real officially, carve-the-headstone canceled, that would free up Tudyk for the Firefly revival FOX now says it’s game for.

So, there’s that.

Which leaves is to say, with respect to Powerless‘ otherwise awesome cast, “DIE, Powerless, DIE!”

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