Review: Justice League of America #5

by Steven Brown
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer: Steve Orlando
Pencils: Andy MacDonald

Batman’s new team of recruits known as the Justice League of America finally find a home at Happy Harbor, the old Justice League’s headquarters. Facing an enclave of reporters, Vixen, Killer Frost, Lobo, Ray, Black Canary and The Atom are eager to prove themselves to the world! What happens when an arms dealer/ creator known as Aegeus takes over a small city though? Just how will the new Justice League of America respond?

Steve Orlando threw a pretty nice curve ball with the introduction of the arms dealer Nikos Aegeus in this issue. I usually don’t like the introduction of new villains because some seem pretty weak. However, Orlando does pretty well establishing Aegeus’ abilities and leaves us with a great cliffhanger. The team looks to be pretty solid, and I love the addition of Lobo and Killer Frost. Being a longtime fan of both, it’s good to see the two have a somewhat redemption story-arc that’s being told here very low-key. Out of everyone on the team, the public mistrusts these two the most, so I’m eager to see how they handle themselves in later books.

My only complaint so far is, oddly enough, the addition of Batman in this issue. Granted he did put the team together, it just seems that either Vixen or Black Canary are more than capable enough to lead. Between Gotham City, the Justice League, and now this new team, Batman is pretty much taking the fight for justice anywhere possible it seems. Hopefully in later issues he’ll serve in more of an advisory or tactical capacity. My real concern is hoping that his presence doesn’t take away from the other characters in the book. So far Steve Orlando hasn’t done that and it looks good.

Justice League of America #5 has plenty of action, a great story and hopefully the beginnings of a pretty solid villain. The addition of Batman leading the team is something I hope is temporary, but so far I’ve enjoyed it. Andy MacDonald does a wonderful job with our artwork as each fight and each emotional moment is done with detail. A particular good moment happens between Lobo and Batman in which Batman reminds Lobo exactly what kind of person he can be. I thought that this was a really good point in the story and I can’t wait to see how the League reacts to Aegeus’ entire flying army!

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