[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer: Rob Williams
Artists: Tony S. Daniel
Inkers: Sandu Florea

Part One of “Earthlings on Fire” titled “Heroes and Villains” sees the squad taking on a mission that can change the balance of power in the DCU.

Review: Suicide Squad #16

Either by choice or not, there is no job that the Suicide Squad won’t take, and they definitely make it interesting along the way. Amanda Waller even plays a pivotal part in this latest mission distracting one of the biggest villains in the DCU. This issue was great! It had tons of humor (mainly provided by Harley Quinn), fantastic action panels, and some light-hearted moments, noticeably how Captain Boomerang is still guilty about what he did to Hack.

Lex Luthor and Amanda Waller are arguably the two most villainous minds in the DCU, of course that’s open to interpretation. The meeting of these minds was great, and Williams takes us on a roller coaster of suspense, keeping us on edge wondering how much each one knows about the other, and if they really are friends or foe. They’re was definitely a sense of respect for one another, but also contempt for their choice of strategies, and each believing that they are superior. Both Luthor and Waller are narcissistic in their own right, so their meeting in this issue was done perfectly, with each one trying to get the better of the other.

The Enchantress had a pretty big role in this issue as well, coming up with a “somewhat clever” way of getting the squad past security. Her reaction, and somewhat solutions, to Boomerang’s missing limb during teleportation was great. She even found him a replacement, but some people are just not grateful.

Harley was once again the fun and humour in this issue, cracking jokes and just having a good time. I mean, anytime you bite the head of Lex Luthor while yelling “Bald Target Acquired” is a good time. Speaking of Luthor, we can’t forget about his experiments. He is obviously hiding something from the world. Something to watch for in the future for sure.

We did get a new art team in this issue with Daniel and Florea. Their panels were fantastic. In an issue that had so much action as well as very heated conversations, they were able to really bring out the emotion and fun in every scene. We also can’t forget the cover with the entire squad in action. It looks amazing!

Review: Suicide Squad #16

No real negatives in this issue, unless you don’t like action, humor and suspense.

Review: Suicide Squad #16

This issue is definitely a must read. The ending sets up what is sure to be a game changer in the DCU, and the promises of something bigger to come.

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